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About Chris

Vancouver Mortgage Broker - Chris Harley
I've been a mortgage professional since 2003, and a proud Vancouver resident for 25 years.

Following the completion of two undergraduate degrees from the University of British Columbia, I completed my MBA from the University of Victoria in 1999 and began a career in commercial banking shortly thereafter. Four years later, I was drawn to the world of residential mortgage financing by the opportunity to work with everyday people to help simplify a complicated financial process. Since then, I've been capitalizing upon my ability to work honestly and with integrity to  build strong, long-standing relationships with multiple lenders. Relationships that allow me to secure just the right mortgage solution for each and every one of my clients.


Since my career as a mortgage broker began, a lot has changed in my life personally. I am still an avid squash player, but as the father of two amazing young boys, the time I have to dedicate to the game is less than it once was. My wife and I purchased our character-filled Kitsilano heritage home in 2010. And bringing it back to its former glory is a constant work in progress. As our boys have grown, we have found ourselves a part of a remarkable group of families all linked by our local community school. I truly value the opportunity to be a part of that school community as often as time permits.


In short, I am a hard-working and proud Vancouver resident who understands the challenges that home ownership brings to those within this beautiful city. I welcome the opportunity to work with you - to simplify your mortgage - and to help you realize your goals.


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